LUDMILA  YURINA-composer, pianist
Portfolio and awards

Performances  and participations:

-concert serie "New music:Ukraine:Giacinto Scelsi-Ludmila Yurina" (Kiev,Ukraine,2015)

-International simposium TrippleCCRMAlite: 40,50,80 (CCRMA,Stanford University,USA,2014)
-concert-portrait, lectures,workshop ( TCU, Texas, USA, 2011)
-Festivals of Ukrainain chamber music (USA,2008,2011)
-International festival “Controcanto” ( Italy, 2004- 2006)
- International Simposium of women-composers (Germany,2004)
-festival of contemporary music in Tallinn(Estonia,2004),
- Festival of microtonality music in New-York AFMM (USA, 2004)
- Festival “TRANS-IT" (Kazan, Russia,2003)
- Project “MitOst” in Dresden`s days of modern music (Germany,2002)
-project "New music for Harpsichord and electronic"(Freiburg,Germany,2022)
- International Piano Forum "antasten..." in Heilbronn (Germany,2001)
- 49th Summer courses of new music in Darmstadt (Germany,2000),
- " Contrasts "(2000,2001, Lviv,Ukraine)
- “Das Treffen”(Bayreuth,Germany,1999)
- International Forum of young composers (Ukraine,1993-2001)
- "2 days and 2 nights of new music"(since1993 ,Odessa,Ukraine)
- "Music Premiers of the season "(Ukraine,1993,2001 - 2008,2015)
- minifestival of ukrainian music (Warsaw,Poland,1998),
- filmfestivals “Open night” ( Grand Prix ) and “Molodist” (1997-98,Kiev,Ukraine)
- "SoNor: dialogues of cultures …2003"( Azherbajdzhan) ,
- "Brandenburgishes colloquium of new music" (Germany, 1998)
- “Roaring Hoofs" (Mongolia),
- festival of new music (Moldova,2000) ,
- "Kiev - Music - fest" (Ukraine,1990, 2000-2010) and others

Prize-winner of the International competition " Torneo Internationale di Musica "( 2000, Italy).

Works of  L.Yurina were performed in Italy, Germany, France, USA, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Mongolia and others.

As  a pianist had solo - recital in 5th International Pianoforum "...antasten..."  in  Heilbronn (2001) .

In 2002  tooks part in International workshop "MitOst" in Dresden ( in frames of 16th Dresden`s days of modern music).
In 1999 was a guest - professor in Flauto workshop with C.Levine at the Rheinsberg's Music Academy (Germany).
In 1993 - 2001  was a member of the Organizing Committee and coordinator of projects of the International Forum of young composers
2006 – guest-professor with a lecture at the  Stuttgart`s High music School (Germany)
2008- lecture about Contemporary Ukrainian music at the Texas Christian University (Texas, USA)
2011-lectures about Ukrainian composers E.Stankovich,   V.Silvestrov, M.Skoryk,own activity at the Texas Christian University (Texas,USA) 
Had a lot of interview  for TV and  Broadcasting (Ukraine, Netherlands,USA, Germany).

Project -manager of  several  concerts –
- “PROJECT –7”, chamber music (Odessa, 1998),
- “TERRA INCOGNITA”- Helmuth Lachenmann ( workshop  with music of H.Lachenmann, 2003),
- symphony concert  of  Association “WOMEN  IN  MUSIC” Ukraine (Kiev,2004),
- project of  Association “Women in music”  - “Iranian music and poetry”(2004)
- “Music and poetry of art-women”  (2004)
- International Forum "Women in music" ( Kiev,2007) etc.

Founder and a Chairman of the Ukrainian Association "Women in music" ( member of International Association WIM ,Italy)
-Member of  International Association of women-composers IAK(Germany),
-Honour member of  Adkins Chiti Foundation : "Donne in musica" ( Italy ) ,
-Association New Music (Ukraine) and
-National Composers` Ukrainian Union .

Has received a grants from
Heinrich-Stroebel-Foundation (Baden-Baden) for -Experimental Studio of  SWR ( Freiburg, Germany,1999) ,

Nono`s room at the SWR`  Experimental Studio 

Andre Richard (Director of ES SWR , Ludmila Yurina, Roland Breitenfeld ( SWR)

Kuenstlerhof  Schreyahn (Germany,1999-2000),
- grant from Ministry of research , science and art of Baden-Wuerttemberg (2001), 
Composer-in- Residence  in Visby International Center for Composers aka VICC (Visby, Sweden, 2005,2006)
Borys Lyatoshynsky`s National Award (2008)
- grant from Fulbright-Foundation to Stanford University(2010)
- M.Kossenko`s Award ( 2014)

In 1999  was included at the every-years book of American Biography`s Institute "Who is Who" (Delavare, USA).

With composer  Roland Breitenfeld after a concert ( Freiburg,Germany,2002)

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