CONCERT "HOMAGE TO UKRAINE" / Karen Bentley Pollick&Ludmila Yurina
September 29, 2022, CCRMA Stage, The Knoll

Ukrainian composer/pianist Ludmila Yurina arrived in Palo Alto in mid March 2022 from Kyiv, where she met Karen Bentley Pollick in June 2018. Their first collaboration features two new works for solo violin composed by Ludmila in Palo Alto and at the studio of Stanford University's CCRMA. "DUMA" is dedicated to the Ukrainian defenders. "DISTANT LANDS"is for violin & electronics, with sounds recorded in the wagon of the Lviv-Warsaw refugee train, and prayers for the children of Ukraine.

Karen Bentley Pollick experimented with vocal sounds and mermaid songs in her pool to depict the angst of the animals responding to the daily rockets during a 10 day celebration of Patron kSaint Francis in Nayarit . Live violin and choreography will enhance the visceral experience alongside an ethereal video by Stuart Diamond. Her solo violin piece GEMINI FUNK is a virtuosic set of variations derived from a musical cryptogram of her mother's name Nan Bentley

The program features duos for violin & piano by Ukrainian composers Mykola Kolessa, Valentin Silvestrov, Virko Baley and Myroslav Skoryk, with the Georgian composer Giya Kancheli contributing the final lighthearted notes in solidarity with Ukraine.




October 30, 2022, The Knoll, CCRMA 

Ludmila Yurina gives a talk for the CCRMA at The Knoll. The Ukrainian pianist and composer spoke about historical events that shaped the country's music scene. (Photo: BRAD YAC-DIAZ/The Stanford Daily)

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