With student Sasha Belous after a concert ( House of Academicians, Kyiv)

With student Ma He , China (NMAU)

Anastassia Denysova ( Department of composition, NMAU)

After a concert at NMAU- Scott Adams (TCU,USA) , Anastassia Denysova and brass players (NMAU,Kyiv, 2011).

 With student Yaroslava Shytko ( 2014,NMAU)

Lecture time (NMAU, 2014)


With students Xiu Engfen and Daniel Getman ( National composers Union of Ukraine,Kyiv, 2016)


With student Xiu Engfen and Director of Department of composition of NMAU, composer Eugen Stankovich (NMAU, 2017)


With students Daniel  Getman and Yana Shlyabanska after our class-concert " Piano factory" ( NMAU, 2019)

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